Postdoctoral in Plant Pathology (Xylella fastidiosa-citrus=20

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Mon Jan 7 10:08:37 EST 2002

POSDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP - Plant Pathology and Molecular Biology

A Postdoctoral Fellowship in Plant Pathology (Plant-Bacterium=20
interaction) and Molecular Biology is available April 2002 to study=20
the pathogenicity of Xylella fastidiosa in citrus and other plant=20
hosts. The Fellowship will focus on genetic analysis of Xylella=20
fastidiosa mutants produced by insertion mutagenesis, and their=20
characterization by biochemical assays and pathogenicity tests in=20
plants. Qualified candidates should have experience in bacteriology,=20
biochemistry, molecular biology, functional genomics and=20
plant-pathology. Send curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation=20
to Patr=EDcia Brant Monteiro, PhD, Departamento Cient=EDfico,=20
=46UNDECITRUS, Av. Dr. Adhemar Pereira de Barros, 201, CEP 14807-040,=20
Vila Melhado, Araraquara S=E3o Paulo, SP, Brazil. Phone: +55 16=20
201-7025; FAX: +55 16 201-7032; e-mail pbmonteiro at

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