Isoforms of Arabidopsis PM-H+-ATPase

Markus Langhans at
Tue Jan 8 05:08:47 EST 2002

Dear Arabidobsisworkers,
in my PHD thesis I am searching and found with Immunoloclization a
PM-H+-ATPase (AHA?) Isoform in the sieve elements of the phloem of A.
th.. To identify this Isoform I need some help!! Who has some AHA
isoforms plant Mutants, or AHA isoforms on a western blot for
immunolocalization? I hope that I can clearly classified the
PM-H+-ATPase Isoforms as one of the 12 known Isoforms or as a new one.

Greatful Thanks

Markus Langhans
Technical University Darmstadt


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