Ceres clones are not available yet

Carolyn Schultz carolyn.schultz at adelaide.edu.au
Mon Jan 14 17:55:24 EST 2002

This is the reply I received from Ken Feldman about the Ceres clones

When we sent the 5,000 sequences to TIGR we had anticipated making the
respective clones available through the Arabidopsis Biological Resource
Center at Ohio State early this year. Unfortunately, at that time the
could not distribute the clones under a Materials Transfer Agreement. In
the past month the NSF has told Dr. Scholl at the ABRC that he can consider
distribution with a MTA but the timing is now is not good for Ceres. Joe
Ecker is distributing the Riken clones to the stock center and a
substantial number of his first 3,000 overlapped with ours. As he 
moves to 8-9,000
and beyond it can be expected that most of ours will overlap with his
clones. As Ceres couldn't have the clones ready for distribution until March,
because of other priorities, and as Ceres must require a MTA and the Ecker
clones will be available without one, it is more advantageous for an academic
to request the Ecker clones. We certainly apologize for any dealy that this
causes for your science program. ken


For contacting Ceres

Feldmann KA.
Ceres, Inc., 3007 Malibu Canyon Road, Malibu, California 90265, USA.
feldmann at ceres-inc.com


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