Announcement: Appointment of a full-time coordinator for the

Michael R. Sussman msussman at
Wed Jan 16 15:25:05 EST 2002

<x-rich>Dear colleagues,

The North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) is pleased to
announce the appointment of Dr. Rebecca Joy as fulltime Executive
Secretary to the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC).
Rebecca recently received her PhD at the University of Wisconsin in the
Department of Genetics, in the laboratory of Prof. Kathy Barton. This
position begins officially in mid January 2002.  Rebecca's major
responsibilities involve gathering information about the many
Arabidopsis functional genomics projects underway all over the world,
helping the MASC coordinate those activities, and maintaining free and
open communication among the world-wide Arabidopsis researchers.  In
this she will work closely with the NAASC, the MASC, TAIR, the Stock
Centers, as well as with the US National Science Foundation, which is
funding this project.  When she is not traveling, Rebecca will have a
fulltime office at the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center,
425 Henry Mall, Madison, WI 53706. She can be reached via email at
rejoy at


Michael R. Sussman

Professor of Genetics

Director of the Biotechnology Center

University of Wisconsin

Member, NAASC and Co-Chair, MASC



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