Arabidopsis Community Announcement- January 2002

Aisling Doyle adoyle at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jan 28 15:22:37 EST 2002

Dear Arabidopsis Community,

In an effort to keep the Arabidopsis Community information current in
TAIR, we urge registered members to review their personal profiles (and
PI's to review their personal and lab profiles).  Please take a few
moments to check your information, paying particular attention to address
and email details.  Please click on Search People/Labs link on the TAIR
homepage to find your profile:
Information such as address, email, phone numbers, research interests,
organisms of interest, keywords and affiliations can be updated.

If you do not have an entry in our database, please take a moment to
register your information by clicking on the red 'REGISTER HERE' button on
the Search People/Labs page.

If you need to modify some of your information, please click on 'UPDATE
YOUR RECORD HERE' at the bottom of the page and re-submit the updated form
to us. You will need to log in in order to update your profile.

If you have forgotten your user name or password, please click on 'REQUEST
YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION HERE' at the bottom of your TAIR Community profile
page.  You will be reminded of your user name and a password hint (if you
had entered one on your profile).    If you don't remember your password
after the hint, click 'EMAIL ME LOGIN INFO' to have your password sent to
you.  Please note, if your email address is different from the one
displayed on your profile please contact a curator at
curator at  to receive your login information.

If you  remember your password please type it in the space provided and
click the login button.  You can then proceed with updating your profile.

We encourage you to update old profiles with new information instead of
re-registering as this will help us to avoid duplicate entries.

Thank you for your cooperation in  helping us keep the Arabidopsis
Community information up to date in TAIR.  If you have any question,
please email us at curator at

Yours Sincerely,


Aisling Doyle					adoyle at
The Arabidopsis Information Resource		+1 (650) 325-1521 ext.381
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Dept. of Plant Biology
260 Panama St.
Stanford CA 94305


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