Postdoc positions in flowering and xylem-PCD

Hannele Tuominen hannele.tuominen at
Tue Jul 2 04:37:01 EST 2002

Two Postdoc positions are available at the Umea Plant Science Center, Sweden:

I. Programmed cell death during xylem development.
The project aims at isolation and characterization of novel 
Arabidopsis mutants in the programmed death of the xylem elements. A 
second part of the project deals with characterization of the 
putative central regulators of plant PCD, the metacaspases, during 
xylem development both in Arabidopsis and in hybrid aspen, Populus 
tremula x tremuloides. The applicant is expected to have a  Ph.D. in 
plant biology with basic knowledge in molecular biology, biochemistry 
and plant physiology.  Earlier experience in Arabidopsis genetics is 
advantageous. Contact Dr. Hannele Tuominen 
(Hannele.Tuominen at, Department of Plant Physiology, 
Umea University, 90187 Umea, Sweden, Tel. 46-90-7869693,

II. The regulation of flowering time in trees
The project involves isolation and characterization of flowering-time 
genes from hybrid aspen, and analysis of their function in both aspen 
and Arabidopsis. The applicant might also work with the design of a 
system to control flowering time in trees. Since the work involves 
use of data from the Populus EST database and work with our Populus 
cDNA microarrays, experience with genomics is a plus. The applicant 
should be skillful in molecular biology techniques and have a general 
interest in developmental and physiological aspects of flowering. 
Leader: Professor Ove Nilsson (Ove.Nilsson at, Department 
of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, Swedish University of 
Agricultural Sciences, 901 83, Umea, Sweden. Tel: 46-90-7869082.

Umea Plant Science Centre (UPSC) was formed in 1999 by the Department 
of Plant Physiology, Umea University, and the Department of Forest 
Genetics and Plant Physiology, Swedish University of Agricultural 
Sciences. UPSC has facilities for different functional genomics 
techniques, such as EST sequencing, cDNA microarray analysis, 
metabolomics and proteomics. UPSC gathers together 120 persons 
working with experimental plant biology in various disciplines 
ranging from ecophysiology to gene technology  and functional 
genomics. UPSC is a major contributor to the Swedish Populus EST 
project, and is also involved in the US-DOE initiated genomic 
sequencing effort of Populus balsamifera. Umea is a nice university 
town in northern Sweden with an active cultural and social life. Umea 
offers great opportunities for outdoor activities, such as fishing, 
skiing and hiking 
The salary varies between 14 000 and 16 000 Skr (after taxes) 
depending on the experience of the candidate. The employed person 
will be fully secured and have free access to Swedish health care. 
Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, CV, and the 
names, addresses and phone numbers of two references.

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