Riken's cDNA

Sue Rhee rhee at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jul 9 13:01:24 EST 2002

Dear Lin,

We have been curating these sequences with associated stock information
and genome assignements at TAIR. We will make a blast dataset of these in
a few days.


On 9 Jul 2002, LIN Baiqing wrote:

>  <x-charset gb2312>Hi, All,
>  Does anybody knows how to access Riken's(Japan) full length Arabidopsis
>  cDNA? There is a page maintained at
>  http://www.gsc.riken.go.jp/Plant/database/index.html. Awfully, it does not
>  contain a serch engine or Tools like Blast or Fasta etc.And it obviously is
>  not a complete package. I would like to download the cDNA sequences. Thanks
>  for your kindly inputs. Baiqing LIN
>  ---
>  </x-charset>

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