postdoctoral position in transcriptional control of reproduction

Doris Wagner wagnerdo at
Mon Jul 22 13:13:19 EST 2002

Postdoctoral positions available in the laboratory of Doris Wagner
at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

One project involves the use of genomic approaches to identify and
characterize LEAFY-regulated target genes. This project is based on an
activatable LEAFY-glucocorticoid receptor fusion protein (Wagner et al.,
1999, Transcriptional activation of APETALA1 by LEAFY, Science 285,
582-4). Candidates should have experience in plant molecular biology.
Proficiency in RNA analysis using RT-PCR, Northern hybridization or
real-time PCR is a plus.

The second project analysis of the function of SPLAYED, a putative plant
chromatin remodeling factor (Wagner and Meyerowitz (2002). SPLAYED, a
Novel SWI/SNF ATPase Homolog, Controls Reproductive Development in
Arabidopsis, Curr Biol 12, 85-94). Candidates should have biochemical
and molecular experience.

Further details about the position can be obtained upon request.
Interested scientists should send a detailed CV and contact information
for three references.

Doris Wagner
Department of Biology, 201 Mudd
University of Pennsylvania 			wagnerdo at
415 S. University Ave				Phone: (215) 898-0483
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6018			Fax: (215) 898-8780

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