Vitaly Citovsky vitaly.citovsky at stonybrook.edu
Mon Jul 22 08:55:37 EST 2002

Four Postdoctoral Positions in Arabidopsis Proteomics

State University of New York, Stony Brook
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
University of California, Riverside
Carnegie Institution, Stanford

Four postdoctoral positions in Arabidopsis proteomics are available 
starting October 2002. The project is funded by the Arabidopsis 2010 
Program of NSF and is aimed at fluorescent tagging of a large number 
of the functionally-unassigned Arabidopsis genes and determination of 
expression patterns and subcellular localization of their protein 
Three positions will be allocated for molecular and cell biology work 
and one for bioinformatics. The cell biology positions will be in the 
laboratories of Dr. Vitaly Citovsky (Stony Brook), Dr. Natasha 
Raikhel (UCR) and Dr. David Jackson (CSHL). The bioinformatics 
position will be in the groups of Dr. Sue Rhee (TAIR, Carnegie, 
Stanford) and Dr. David Ehrhardt (Carnegie, Stanford). Required 
qualifications include experience in the respective field of each 
position and record of publications. The salary is commensurate with 
the qualification of the candidate.
For more details or applications (curriculum vitae and three letters 
of reference), please contact:
Dr. Vitaly Citovsky, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 
State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5215. Tel.: 
631-632-9534, fax: 631-632-8575, e-mail: 
vitaly.citovsky at stonybrook.edu;
Dr. David Jackson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 1 Bungtown Rd., 
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724;  tel.  516 367 8467; email 
jacksond at cshl.org; http://www.cshl.org/public/SCIENCE/jackson.html;
Dr. Natasha Raikhel, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences and The 
Center for Plant Cell Biology, 2109 Batchelor Hall, University of 
California, Riverside, CA 92521;Tel: 909-787-6370; fax: 909-787-4437; 
e-mail natasha.raikhel at ucr.edu; or
Dr. Sue Rhee, email: rhee at acoma.stanford.edu

SUNY Stony Brook, CSHL, and the Carnegie Institution are Equal 
Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employers. Applications from women, 
people of color, disabled persons, and/or special disabled or Vietnam 
era veterans are especially welcome.


Vitaly Citovsky
Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
State University of New York
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5215
Tel.: 631-632-9534, fax:  631-632-8575
E-mail: vitaly.citovsky at stonybrook.edu

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