Postdoc to study stress signaling

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Thu Jul 25 09:43:17 EST 2002

Postdoctoral position to study plant resistance to environmental 
stresses based on our novel results that link endocytosis with 
regulation of stress response pathways. The work will explore the 
effect of endocytosis on the signal transduction of stress-induced 
pathways. The  primary focus of this project is on the environmental 
(abiotic) stress signalling and resistance, but pathogenesis will be 
addressed as well.

The project involves usage of functional genomics along with 
classical cell biology and molecular genetics approaches. The major 
area of the laboratory is the study of oxidative stresses in plants, 
with regard to resistance to biotic (bacterial and fungal pathogens) 
and to abiotic/environmental (salt, cold) stresses.

The laboratory is situated in the Givat-Ram campus in the Hebrew 
University of Jerusalem and has all the facilities for the projected 
research. Despite of what may appear from the news Jerusalem is a 
beautiful and lively city.

The position is available immediately.

Some recent publications form the lab:

Potikha, T., Collins, C. C., Johnson, D. I., Delmer, D. P., and 
Levine, A. (1999). The involvement of hydrogen peroxide in the 
differentiation of secondary walls in cotton fibers, Plant Physiology 
119, 849-858.

Solomon, M., Belenghi, B., Delledonne, M., and Levine, A. (1999). The 
Involvement of cysteine proteases and protease inhibitor genes in 
programmed cell death in plants. Plant Cell 11, 431-444.

Govrin, E. M., and Levine, A. (2000). The hypersensitive response 
facilitates plant infection by the necrotrophic pathogen Botrytis 
cinerea. Current Biology 10, 751-757.

Mazel, A. and Levine, A. (2000). Induction of cell death in 
arabidopsis by superoxide in combinatin with salicylic acid or 
protein synthesis inhibitors. Free Radic Biol Medic 30, 98-106.

Levine, A., Belenghi, B., Damari-Weisler, H., and Granot, D. (2001). 
Vesicle Associated Membrane Protein of Arabidopsis Suppresses 
Bax-induced apoptosis in yeast downstream of oxidative burst. J. 
Biol. Chem. 276, -46284-46289

Govrin, E. M., and Levine, A. (2002). Infection of Arabidopsis with a 
necrotrophic pathogen, Botrytis cinerea,elicits various defense 
responses but does not induce systemic acquired resistance (SAR). 
Plant Mol. Biol. 48; 267-276

Tiwari, B. S., Belenghi, B., and Levine, A. (2002). Oxidative stress 
increased respiration and generation of reactive oxygen species, 
resulting in ATP depletion, opening of mitochondrial permeability 
transition and  Programmed Cell Death., Plant Physiol128: 1271-1281

Please write to:
Dr. Alex Levine
Department of Plant Sciences
Institute of Life Sciences
The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
Givat-Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel

Tel: (972)2 658 6543  Fax:(972)2 658 4425
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