Cereon Arabidopsis Polymorphism Collection Update

ROUNSLEY, STEVE [AG/2165] steve.rounsley at cereon.com
Thu Jun 13 12:06:44 EST 2002

<x-charset iso-8859-1>In May of 2000, Cereon Genomics made the first 
of three releases of Col-Ler
predicted polymorphisms to the non-profit Arabidopsis community with the
help of the staff at TAIR.  Since then about a thousand researchers have
registered for access to the data.  Based on emails I have received,
numerous genes have been cloned using this resource, and many papers have
either been published, or are in progress.

You may already know that Cereon Genomics is to be closed at the end of
June.  However, there will be no change to the availability of the
polymorphism collection.  As Cereon's parent company, Monsanto has agreed to
continue the relationship with TAIR for both the polymorphism and Ler
sequence data and consequently, the individual researcher will find
everything is essentially unchanged.  The email address of athal at cereon.com
will be replaced with athal at monsanto.com.

Thank you to all the users of the polymorphism collection.  Your enthusiasm
in using this data has played a large part in making this unique interaction
between industry and non-profit research a success and provides a great
example to be followed in the future.

Steve Rounsley
Cereon Genomics



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