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Ian Graham iag1 at
Wed Jun 26 07:00:11 EST 2002

Post-Doctoral Research Position
Centre for Novel Agricultural Products 
Department of Biology
University of York

'The role of trehalose metabolism in embryo maturation and storage 
reserve accumulation in Arabidopsis'

A three year BBSRC funded post-doctoral research position is 
available from July 2002 in the Graham lab at CNAP, York, UK 
( We have recently shown that the 
trehalose-6-phosphate synthase 1 gene (TPS1), is a critical regulator 
of embryo maturation in Arabidopsis (Eastmond et al., The Plant 
Journal, (2002) 29: 225-235). TPS1 appears to plays a key role in 
regulating sugar metabolism during the transition from pattern 
formation to storage accumulation in developing embryos. This project 
will use a range of molecular genetic approaches  in Arabidopsis to 
elucidate the mechanism by which TPS1has this effect. Approaches that 
we plan to use include suppressor screens, TILLING and storage 
reserve reporter gene studies in the tps1 mutant background.

The major focus of research in our lab is metabolic regulation of 
gene expression and metabolic engineering. We use a range of 
biochemical genetic approaches in Arabidopsis to identify key genes 
involved in oilseed metabolism. The CNAP labs are located in the new 
Biosciences development at the University of York which provides 
state of the art facilities for post-genomic research. The academic 
environment at York is excellent and is particularly strong in Plant 
York itself is a vibrant and beautiful city, which attracts many 
foreign visitors, and is also a very pleasant place to live.

Further particulars and information on how to apply can be obtained 
directly from myself (iag1 at

I am attending the Arabidopsis meeting in Seville and will post this 
advert on the notice board. If anyone attending the meeting is 
interested in discussing this post then please leave me a note on the 
board or e-mail me before then.

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Centre for Novel Agricultural Products
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