Call for NAASC Nominations

Rebecca Joy rejoy at
Mon Mar 4 10:13:07 EST 2002

<x-rich>Dear North American Arabidopsis Researchers,

We are soliciting nominations for the election of two new members to
the North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC), to replace
Kathy Barton and Mary Lou Guerinot, who will finish their three+ year
terms of service on July 2, 2002.  Continuing members are Peter
McCourt and Mike Sussman, who are completing their second years, and
Bonnie Bartel and Eric Richards, who were elected last year.

The NAASC has several vital roles:

1.  The NAASC serves as the organizing (and fundraising) committee for
the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research when this meeting
is held in North America, two out of every three years.  The NAASC
also helps ensure solicitation and choice of the site for every third
meeting, which is held outside North America.  Additionally, the NAASC
solicits funds to help North American junior scientists travel to the
international meeting.

2.  The NAASC serves as liaison between members of the Arabidopsis
community and government and not-for-profit granting agencies.

3.  The NAASC provides representation of the Arabidopsis community to
service facilities (for example, ABRC and TAIR).

The term of service for the NAASC coincides with the annual meeting
rather than the calendar year.  Terms of service begin at the time of
election, sometime prior to the annual meeting in that year.  Terms
end just after the fourth annual meeting following election.  This
results in a term of a few months more than three years, and helps to
ensure continuity in the committee by providing a few months (and one
annual meeting) of overlap between outgoing and incoming members.

Any reader of the Arabidopsis newsgroup (arab-gen at,
may nominate a candidate for the NAASC.  <bold>This year, we request
that nominations be made on or before March 22nd</bold>.

To nominate one or more candidates, you can reply to this message, or
send an email to rejoy at with the words "NAASC
Nominations" somewhere in the subject line. Nominees will be contacted
by the NAASC to ensure that they are willing to serve if elected. A
ballot of such nominees will be sent out via the newsgroup as soon as
this is accomplished and all readers of the newsgroup may vote. The
two candidates obtaining the most votes will become the new members of
the NAASC.

Thank you all in advance for your prompt nominations!


Rebecca Joy for the NAASC (Mary Lou Guerinot, Kathy Barton, Peter
McCourt, Mike Sussman, Bonnie Bartel, and Eric Richards)


Rebecca Joy, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary and Coordinator,

Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC)

425 Henry Mall

Madison, WI 53706


rejoy at

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