Long-term seed storage

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<x-flowed>Dear Chuck,

I'm having trouble replying to my original post, netscape keeps
quiting, so I'm sending you the responses I received so you can post
them.  If I get anymore I will forward them.  Thanks, Tim


Dear Arabineters,

I received two responses to my question about long term seed storage
and I've pasted them below for everyone.

Thanks to those who responded. Cheers, Tim

Only yesterday I updated our page on this:

=46or medium term, I'd recommend a nice cool and dark/dim, but **DRY** cabin=
or drawer unit. Preferably not metal if it gets direct sunlight. Humidity is
most important, but temperature is an important second.

=46ridges and cold rooms are a very bad idea unless you have dessicated seed
in a moisture tight container, or an in-fridge dessicator, or keep seed in a
container with dessicating granules. Fridges and cold rooms are perfect for
mould and fungus growth which is a huge problem for seed storage.

If you can dessicate the seed and then seal them in a moisture tight
container, then you can even freeze the seed (for very long term storage).
Silica gel with a moisture indicator is a good dessicant. It is pretty
cheap, and can often be obtained free by breaking open the desssicant bags
that computers and other equipment often come packed with. Reactivate damp
silica gel in an oven to drive out the moisture.

=46inally, the most cost effective way of keeping seed for a long time is to
donate it to the stockcentre. We will store it, take care of it and
advertise it so that you get referenced, and you can then order it 10 years
later if your stocks have depleted :)

Hope this helps,




without having extensive experience in the case i=B4d suggest two things:

-storage of dried seeds at minus 80 C is possible, however i dont
know how long (for ever?)

-storage of dried seeds in small but tightly closed glass tubes
appeared to enhance viability (when compared to paper-bags), possibly
by avoiding extensive dessication

thats all
Bye Henrik


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