New transposon stocks at ABRC and NASC

Randy Scholl scholl.1 at
Fri Mar 8 08:38:46 EST 2002

ABRC and NASC are pleased to announce that 338 gene and enhancer trap 
Ds lines donated by Dr. Robert Martienssen, Cold Spring Harbor 
Laboratory are available for ordering. These lines all carry Ds 
elements which have been induced to transpose to random locations in 
the genome. The Ds constructions employed carry a GUS reporter that 
functions as either as a gene trap or enhancer trap. The background 
strain for these stocks is Landsberg erecta. A database of GUS 
patterns and flanking sequences exists at Cold Spring Harbor 
Laboratory ( 

The stock numbers for this material are CS25501 - CS25840 for ABRC 
and N25501 - N25840 for NASC. Please note that a signed Material 
Transfer Agreement, found on our Web sites, must be signed and 
returned before these seeds can be shipped. Orders for stocks are 
placed through our Web sites:

TAIR Web site  for ABRC:
NASC Web site for NASC:

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