GUS irregular expression pattern,,????????

이인철 ichoki at
Wed Mar 27 20:00:47 EST 2002

  I have a problem,,,
  If you know, teaches to me,,,, Its My major jobs..

My T-DNA is fussioned pCAMBIA3300(contain BAR) and pBI121(contain 
GUS)---->pCAMBIA backbone
and Transforamtion to the columbia. Then sowing basta selected T2 
line.( sowing five allele for each lines)

21 days  3'-mature green leaf sampling(GL)
35 ~ 40 days 20% 4'-yellow leaf sampling(YL)

??? YL gus staining line is many(12%~16%),    YL line number is 
  more than GL line number,
   and many lines YL gus color is more deep blue then ML gus color.
  and major problem is contain the partial spot- irregular type in same line.

I do't know. Why happened these  types..

I guess some effect factors.
   1.problem my sampling technic.
   2.environmental effect in stress.(anthocyanin accmulation)
   3.pCAMBIA backbone problem.
   4.some artificial effect.

Dear researchers.
Good Luck to you..*^^*

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