Academic job posting: 2 postdoctoral scientist positions

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Two postdoctoral positions in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are now
available in the labs of Patricia LiWang and Andy LiWang at Texas A&M
University.  Patricia's lab is elucidating the structure-function
relationship of chemokines (immune system proteins with anti-HIV properties)
in complex with their biological binding partners. Andy's lab is solving the
structural biology of circadian clock proteins. Both labs use a combination
of molecular biology, biochemical techniques, and NMR experiments.

The two labs are considering postdoctoral researchers (and research
assistants) with skills in molecular biology, biochemistry, or mammalian
cell culture techniques for projects related to chemokine function and
circadian clocks.  Knowledge of structural determination techniques is not
required for this position, although the applicant should have an
appreciation and understanding of molecular interactions and protein

The LiWang labs hold joint group meetings and a weekly journal club. In
addition, we are members of the Center for Structural Biology and the Center
for Advanced Biomolecular Research (, and our lab
members are active participants of these Centers. Furthermore, the LiWang
labs participate at many national and local conferences each year, which
provides lab members with several opportunities to present their work.

The infrastructure of the Biochemistry and Biophysics department at Texas
A&M University (, is superb and houses
extensive common-use equipment, which is in addition to the equipment of the
LiWang labs.  The LiWang labs are fully equipped, having two new Pharmacia
high-pressure Akta purifiers, a new incubated shaker, in addition to
existing equipment such as a CO2 incubator.

Both laboratories are fully funded and will pay competitive salaries.
Interested persons are encouraged to apply by sending an email to Patricia
and/or Andy (including their resumes) at pliwang at or
andy-liwang at, respectively.  Patricia's web site can be found at and Andy's web site is at
Texas A&M University is an equal opportunity employer.

Andy C. LiWang
Andy C. LiWang, Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics
2128 TAMU
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2128
tel: 979-862-6952
fax: 979-845-9274

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