advanced application for RAFL clones

M.Kobayashi kobayasi at
Thu May 9 03:33:43 EST 2002

Dear plant researchers:

RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) is going to distribute RIKEN Arabidopsis
full-length cDNA clones. The distribution will start soon after we get
permission from Japanese government. Now we ask those people who want the
clone(s) as soon as possible to submit your request before official start of
the distribution. Please follow the steps described below to make your

STEP 1. Approximately 7,000 RIKEN Arabidopsis full-length cDNA clones will
be available. Please visit our web site
( and use the catalogue
search system to find the clone(s) that you want.

STEP 2. We can accept requests only from principal investigators (PI). At
the first step of your application, ask your PI to make user registration to
RIKEN BRC Experimental Plant Division. Get registration form from our web
site, fill out the form, and FAX it to RIKEN BRC (+81-298-36-9053). Then we
will inform the registration number to your PI.

STEP3. Fill order form that is available from our web site, and FAX it to
RIKEN BRC (+81-298-36-9053).
1.The number of clones that you can order should be less than 100.
2.The clones must not be used for constructing micro- or macro-arrays.
3.Please specify the clone that you want by our resource number to avoid
We will prepare the clone(s) that you order. (We intend to send you the
clone as plasmid DNA after checking its sequence.)

STEP 4. After we get permission from the government, we will inform you the
start of distribution through e-mail (arab-gen). Then, please visit our
homepage to find the procedure for continuing the steps to get clone(s).
Please note that we require you to submit an MTA before shipment of the
clone(s). We also require you to pay handling and shipping fee. The detail
of these matters will be announced when the distribution starts.
Dr. Masatomo Kobayashi
Experimental Plant Division.,
BioResource Center (BRC),
RIKEN Tsukuba Institute
3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba,
Ibaraki 305-0074
Tel: 81-298-36-9048
FAX: 81-298-36-9053


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