NSF Travel Support for Seville Arabidopsis Meeting

Eric Richards richards at biology2.wustl.edu
Mon May 20 20:29:04 EST 2002

Dear Arabidopsis researchers,

The North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) has applied for
and received a grant from the National Science Foundation to aid junior
researchers from U.S. labs to attend the Thirteenth International Conference
on Arabidopsis Research (Arabidopsis XIII) to be held in Seville, Spain from
June 28th to July 2nd, 2002.  On behalf of the whole community, we thank the
NSF for this generous investment in training, and information interchange.

The NAASC plans to provide at least thirty awards to help defray the costs
of travel to the meeting. Note that receiving one of these awards cannot be
a prerequisite of applying to and participating in Arabidopsis XIII.  Since
these awards by themselves will be insufficient to pay for the entire
meeting, other funds must be available to the applicants to either defray
these additional costs, or to pay for the entire meeting if no award is
received.  Any awards will be announced before the meeting, but will be paid
as reimbursements to awardees following return from the meeting.

Eligibility:  Awardees must be full-time researchers in laboratories in the
United States (citizenship/permanent residency is not required, but you must
be a legal resident or legal visitor to the US).  Only graduate students,
postdoctoral researchers and junior PIs (in the first 2 years of an academic
appointment) will be considered for funding.  To apply for funding you MUST
have submitted an abstract to the meeting.

Application Process:  DEADLINE May 24, 2002

A.	Register for the Conference, including submission of an abstract for
a poster presentation at: <http://www.arabidopsis2002.com>

A.	Submit the following information via E-mail to
richards at biology.wustl.edu.  The information should be in a single file
attached to an E-mail message.  The file must be in MSWord or PDF format.
Include the information in the body of the E-mail message, in case there is
a problem with your attachment.

1.	Name, position, affiliation, address, e-mail, phone, FAX

2.	Title and abstract of proposed presentation at the meeting

3.	Citations of up to three recent publications

4.	Declaration that the applicant has a source of additional funds to
attend Arabidopsis XIII.

5.	Statement of 200 words or less providing other information on why
the applicant should be selected for an award.

6.	To encourage diversity in meeting attendance, membership in an
ethnic group underrepresented in the biological sciences will also be
considered.  At the applicant's discretion, statement of membership in such
a group may be included in the application.

7.	For reporting purposes only, we also request that you state your
gender in the application.

A.	If you are not a PI, have your PI send a brief letter supporting
your attendance at the meeting, and confirming any additional financial
support you list in B3 above that she/he may be responsible for, to
richards at biology.wustl.edu.

Please direct any questions to Eric Richards at richards at biology.wustl.edu


Bonnie Bartel (Rice University)
Kathryn Barton (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Greg Copenhaver (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)
Mary Lou Guerinot (Dartmouth)
Peter McCourt (University of Toronto)
Eric Richards (Washington University)
Mike Sussman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Brenda Winkel-Shirley (Virginia Tech)



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