2,640 SSP full length ORF clones available at ABRC

Randy Scholl scholl.1 at osu.edu
Tue May 21 19:18:58 EST 2002

ABRC is pleased to announce the availability for ordering approximately
2,640 full length open reading frame (cDNA "ORF" clones) clones donated by
the SSP Consortium (Salk, Stanford & Plant Gene Expression Center: PIs Drs.
Joe Ecker, Ron Davis and Sakis Theologis).  These clones are in the
multifunctional, universal recombination pUNI vector which is suitable for
use in Agrobacterium transformation/plant expression studies (including a
His tag), expression in E. coli, etc.  All of the clones have been fully
sequenced, and the sequences have been deposited in GenBank.  The clones in
pUNI are error free.  Current information on available clones can be found
at the SIGnAL site (http://signal.salk.edu).

These clones may be ordered from ABRC using the TAIR database
(http://arabidopsis.org). Please note that NO MTA is required for receiving
these stocks.

Three types of ORF clones are available:

U Clone:  It is a pUni clone that contains only the ORF of the Riken
                 Arabidopsis Full Length (RAFL) clone (abbreviated R clone).
                 Full-length sequence of these R clones has been obtained
                 by SSP and deposited in GenBank.  The U clone is
                 sequenced and is error free.

C Clone:   It is a pUni clone that is generated by RT-PCR (ORF) using
                  mRNA from various sources. It is sequenced and is error free.

S Clone:   It is an RT-PCR derived product cloned into a non pUNI vector.
                 The S clones will eventually be cloned into pUni.

The ABRC stock numbers are the same as the SSP clone numbers and are of the
form Cxxxxx, Uxxxxx or Sxxxxx. Full-length sequence of these clones has
been obtained by the SSPC and deposited in GenBank.

The SSP Consortium will deposit a total of 10,500 sequence-validated ORFs
cloned into the pUNI vector and donated to ABRC for distribution by the end
of the year.  In addition 9,766 full length RAFL sequences have been
deposited into GenBank and will be soon be available from the RIKEN
Bioresource Center (BRC) and ABRC.



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