post-doc position in Strasbourg

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Wed May 29 10:50:05 EST 2002

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Post-doc position in Strasbourg
Institute of Plant Molecular Biology of CNRS

=46unctional Genomics of Arabidopsis Cytochromes P450

In the context of a collaboration with agrochemical industry, a post-doc
position is opened for three years. The objective of the project is the
functional analysis (impact on development, pathogen resistance and
metabolism of pesticides) of a small family of P450 genes in
Arabidopsis. This work will be performed in close interaction with the
industrial laboratory.
If the candidate is interested and has suitable records, this positon
could be a first step towards a permanent CNRS position.

Requirements: Experience in molecular biology and genetics, and if
possible in analysis of insertion mutants and RNAi gene silencing would
be appreciated.

Duration: The position is for up to three years and is available
starting July or September 2002.

Dani=CBle Werck-Reichhart
tel: 03 90 24 18 54: for more information
daniele.werck at send your CV, if possible with one
or two letters of recommendation.



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