No T-DNA sequence flanking the TAIL-PCR product

VEERAPPAN Vijaykumar vijay at
Fri Nov 8 03:12:25 EST 2002

Dear All:
                 After the failure of sequencing  2 Kb  TAIL-PCR product
directly,I cloned into TOPO vector and try to sequence
it.I sequenced both the ends of the vector and found only
the Arabidopsis genomic DNA of 1.8 kb length.This gene is
not accompanied by TAIL-PCR T-DNA left border sequence
that used for TAIL3 PCR reaction.

  How we can interpret this and how  can I confirm the 2 Kb TAIL-PCR
product that I got.

Thanks a lot for spending your precious time to help me.

# 6207,Dept. Of Biology
The Hong Kong University Of Science and TEchnology
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong


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