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Fri Nov 8 09:18:55 EST 2002

Postdoctoral Position at
Plant Biochemistry Laboratory in Copenhagen

A postdoctoral position financed by the Danish National Research Council
(SJVF) is available for studying the regulation of the
tryptophan-derived indoleacetaldoxime, a key intermediate in the
branching point between biosynthesis of indole glucosinolates and the
plant hormone IAA. Glucosinolates are natural products involved in plant
defense, and known to humans for their characteristic mustard flavour,
their cancer-preventive properties, and as biopesticides. The project is
multidisciplinary and will use molecular genetics to identify regulators
of the CYP79B genes catalyzing the conversion of tryptophan into
indoleacetaldoxime, as well as biochemical and molecular approaches to
characterize the function of the isolated genes.

Plant Biochemistry Laboratory at KVL in Copenhagen is a stimulating
international laboratory, and has recently been renewed for an
additional 5 years as The Danish National Research Foundation Center for
Plants ( KVL is located in the heart of
Copenhagen, which is located by the sea that separates Sweden and
Denmark. KVL has 3.500 students, 400 Ph.D. students, and 1.600

The successful applicant will be enthusiastic and have strong background
in molecular genetics, molecular biology and/or biochemistry. For
further information please contact Assoc. Prof. Barbara Ann Halkier
(bah at, phone +45 35283342, Interested candidates should
send an application marked =91SJVF job=92 with a CV, and the names and
contacting information of three references to KVL (The Royal Veterinary
and Agricultural University), Department of Plant Biology,
Thorvaldsensvej 40, DK-1871 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Deadline for application December 9, 2002.


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