meiosis expression

varsha raja rnavarsha at
Sun Nov 10 18:27:10 EST 2002

Hi: I think should contact Professor Hong Ma ( Penn
>  State University,Wartik lab),Professor Chris Makaroff
>  ( Biochemistry and Chemistry Department,Miami
>  University,Oxford),Dr. Daphne Preuss ( University of
>  Chicago) and Dr. Mariani ( Plant Genetic Systems ,
>  Belgium),and you should get appropriate answers for
>  your quaries.
>  Good Luck,
>  Varsha Raja

  Valerie Garcia <V.Garcia at> wrote:

Is anybody know if there are known genes which expression is initiated in
dyades or tetrades (and with a nul or weak expression in meiocytes). I
would like to know as well if there are mutations affecting
microspores/pollen grains morphology, without affecting the number of
pollen grains (modifiying for example their aspect). Is anybody able to
help me ?
Thank you by advance,

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