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Mon Nov 18 17:32:35 EST 2002

>The Arabidopsis Functional Genomics Cconsortium (AFGC) project has
terminated. The AFGC web site has been updated to reflect the
termination of the project and has been moved to the TAIR server for
permanent safe-keeping.

The AFGC web site can be accessed via TAIR from the ARABIDOPISIS
for the AFGC web site is:

Among the updates included on the revised AFGC web page are:
1. Links to pages relating to the Microarray Service Component of the
AFGC project have been deleted or made inactive.

2. A link to the Plant-Specific Genes web site, in which information
about plant-specific genes is documented (e.g., expression profiles,
availability of T-DNA insertion lines, homologues in other plants), has
been added.

3. Several of the Analysis Tools created by AFGC staff have been
replaced by Analysis Tools developed by TAIR and pointers to the TAIR
Analysis Tools are provided from the revised AFGC web site. Tools now
supported and maintained by TAIR include =F1
a. Clone List
b. Expression Viewer and Spot History
c. Retrieve 5' Upstream Sequences for AFGC Microarray Elements
d. Motif Finding in Co-Clustered 5' Upstream Sequences

4. A link is provided to a new tool developed by Carolyn Schultz to
reformat AFGC data to facilitate comparisons of the expression ratios of
selected genes across selected experiments.

5. The Protocols have been consolidated under one heading.

6. The listing of resources (e.g., web pages, publications) has been

Thanks to everyone who participated in and contributed to the AFGC
Shauna Somerville
on behalf of Pam Green, Ken Keegstra, John Ohlrogge, Rick Amasino, Steve
Dellaporta, Mike Sussman.



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