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2003 GRC on Plant Cell Walls

Daniel Cosgrove dcosgrove at psu.edu
Wed Apr 2 10:50:39 EST 2003

Gordon Research Conference: Plant Cell Walls 2003     
10-15 August, 2003.   Meriden, New Hampshire, 

This conference will address recent progress in many aspects of cell 
wall biology, including Arabidopsis as a model system. Molecular, 
genetic, and genomic approaches are yielding major advances in our 
understanding of the composition, synthesis, and architecture of 
plant cell walls and their dynamics during growth, and are 
identifying the genes that encode the machinery needed to make their 
biogenesis possible. This meeting will bring together international 
scientists from academia, industry and government labs to share the 
latest breakthroughs and perspectives on polysaccharide biosynthesis, 
wood formation, wall modification, expansion and interaction with 
other organisms, and genomic & evolutionary analyses of wall-related 
genes, as well as to discuss recent 'nanotechnological' advances that 
take wall analysis to the level of a single cell.

The Gordon Conferences are designed to be relatively small meetings 
with ample opportunity for group discussions as well as one-on-one 
exchanges between scientists with diverse approaches to the topic.

Attendence is limited to 135, and we expect overenrollment, so 
pre-register NOW. The fee for the meeting, double-room and meals is 
$570 (for early registrants).

Sign up at: <http://grc.org/>http://grc.org/

Tentative Program:
Additional speakers will be chosen from the poster abstracts. Submit 
abstracts by May 1st.

             Wall Loosening Mechanisms

             Session Chair: Taka Hayashi, University of Kyoto


1.      Peter Schopfer, University of Freiburg  - 
"Peroxidase-generated hydroxyl radicals effect cell wall loosening 
and extension growth."

2.      C. Mariani / J. Dirksen, Catholic University of Nijmegen  - 
"Plant lipid transfer proteins with wall extension activity"

3.      A. Okamoto-Nakazato, Showa Pharmaceutical University  - 
"Yieldin, a wall bound protein regulating the acid-induced change in 
the yield threshold"

4.      Daniel J. Cosgrove, Penn State University- "Two new types of 
wall loosening proteins"

5.      Contributed talk

             Cell Walls in Development

             Session Chair:   Mary Tierney, University of Vermont


1.      Mary Tierney, University of Vermont - "Proline-rich 
structural cell wall proteins are essential for root hair and guard 
cell function in Arabidopsis"

2.      Elizabeth Lord, University of California, Riverside - "Wall 
molecules involved in adhesion and guidance in lily pollination"

3.      Contributed talk

             Cell Biology of Cell Walls

             Session Chair:  Maureen McCann, Purdue University


1.      Maureen McCann, Purdue University - "Cell wall-related gene 
discovery in the Zinnia system"

2.      Peter Ulskov,  Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 
"Biophysical consequences of altering rhamnogalacturonan side-chain 

3.      Contributed talk


Technical Advances in Cell Wall Analysis and Use

             Session Chair: Mike Gidley, Unilever Company


1.      Markus Pauly, Max-Planck  Institute for Molecular Plant 
Physiology - "Microanalysis of cell walls using mass spectrometry"

2.      Herman Hofte, Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire, INRA, 
Versailles "Pushing the limits of FT-IR microspectroscopy for the 
analysis of variation in Arabidopsis cell walls"

3.      Mike Gidley - Unilever Company, "Effects of structural 
variants of pectin or xyloglucan on composites with bacterial 

4.      Contributed talk

Cell Wall Genomics, Proteomics and Evolution

Session Chair:  Chris Somerville, Carnegie Institution and Stanford Univ.


1.      Geoffrey B. Fincher, University of Adelaide, "Genomic 
approaches to wall biosynthesis in barley"

2.      Bernard Henrissat, AFMB-CNRS, Marseille(s), 
"Carbohydrate-active enzymes: Arabidopsis vs. Rice"

3.      Kenneth Keegstra, MSU-DOE Plant Research, Laboratory, "The 
genes and enzymes required for xyloglucan biosynthesis"

4.      Wolf-Dieter Reiter, University of Connecticut, "Genetic 
analysis of the GT47 glycosyltransferase gene family of Arabidopsis"

5.      Contributed talk

Polysaccharide Biosynthesis

             Session Chair: Debra Mohnen, CCRC, University of Georgia


1.      Ariel Orellana, University of Chile - "Nucleotide sugar 
transporters: Analysis of their role in the biosynthesis of 
non-cellulosic polysaccharides"

2.      Nick Carpita, Purdue University - "The mixed-linkage b-glucan synthase"

3.      Vincent Bulone, CNRS-Grenoble, "Unraveling the mechanisms of 
cellulose and callose synthesis in plants and in the Oomycete 
Saprolegnia monoica: recent developments"

4.      Shinobu Satoh, University of Tsukuba, "Molecular analysis of 
pectin biosynthesis and functions with T-DNA tagging in haploid 

5.      Contributed talk or two short talks 

Pathogenesis, symbiosis, and other biotic interactions

             Session Chair: Joss Rose, Cornell University


1.      Nick Brewin, John Innes Centre, "Cell wall remodeling during 
Rhizobium invasion of legume roots".

2.      Eric Davis, North Carolina State University, "Worms and 
Walls: A Dynamic Relationship"

3.      John Bishop, Washington State University, "Battle for the 
cell wall: Molecular evolution of glycanhydrolases & and their 

4.      Contributed talk or two short talks 


             Wood Formation and Lignification  

             Session Chair:  Malcolm Campbell, Oxford University


1.       Claire Halpin, University of Dundee - "Multi-gene 
manipulation of lignin biosynthesis"

2.      Eric Beers, Virginia Tech University- "Gene expression 
profiles from xylem, phloem and non-vascular tissues of Arabidopsis."

3.      Contributed talk or two short talks 

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