Summary Gateway RNAi survey

Ricky Boernke ricky_boernke at
Mon Aug 11 02:00:15 EST 2003

Dear all,

a couple or weeks ago I asked about your experiences with
the Gateway system and RNAi. I've received several responses
and it seems that my concerns were justified. Three people
have used the pHELLSGATE system to make between two and six
constructs, however, none of them obtained satisfactory results,
neither with respect to transformation efficiency, nor with
respect to the degree of silencing. Actually, none of them
seemed to get a silenced plant at all. Due to the low number
of tries, noboby was really disposed to draw a final conclusion
about the efficacy of the system.
We are now making a couple of constructs using genes which are
known to give an easily discernable phenotype, so we could easily
judge the number of transformants and the degree of inhibition.
I will let you know about the outcome.

Best wishes

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