Plant Ontology Consortium Coordinator/Scientific Curator to start

Sue Rhee rhee at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 11 19:57:19 EST 2003

TAIR is seeking applicants for a full-time position of a scientific
curator who will coordinate the Plant Ontology Consortium efforts. The
Plant Ontology Consortium is a collaboration between plant model organism
databases (rice, Arabidopsis, maize, grasses, legumes, and solanaceae) to
develop shared vocabularies to describe phenotypes and gene expression

Duties and Responsibilities: * organize and moderate monthly phone
conferences on the project * develop and refine the ontologies with the PO
curators in participating databases * annnotate Arabidopsis gene projects
and germplasms with the vocabularies in the ontologies * participate in
development and application of methods to streamline and enhance the
quality of annotations

The successful candidate will work with a team of curators, software
engineers, and database developers at TAIR and collaborating database
projects such as Grameme. Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. degree
or equivalent in an aspect of plant biology (e.g. Development, Physiology,
Biochemistry, Genetics, Plant Pathology), a demonstrated ability for
independent, critical thinking and excellent communication and teamwork
skills. Experience with Arabidopsis is preferred but not essential. The
curator must be able to travel and attend 3 meetings/year of the PO
consortium. Familiarity with basic UNIX commands, spreadsheets, and
commonly used biological research tools such as BLAST and MEDLINE
searching is desired. A working knowledge of PERL and/or SQL would be an
asset but an extensive background in computing is not required. Qualified
candidates should email a resume to: Sue Rhee(rhee at

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