Position in Molecular and Functional Genomics

John Doebley jdoebley at wiscmail.wisc.edu
Fri Aug 15 13:20:56 EST 2003

>Molecular and Functional Diversity in the Maize Genome
>Project Manager
>We invite applications for the position of project manager for a 
>multi-institutional NSF Plant Genome Project.  The project has two 
>foci: (1) analysis of molecular diversity in the genomes of maize 
>and its wild relatives by SNP genotyping with the principal goals of 
>testing several thousand genes for evidence of selection during 
>maize domestication and improvement and better understanding how 
>historical and demographic factors have shaped the maize genome, and 
>(2) testing diverse alleles at one thousand candidate genes for 
>functional variation on agronomically and evolutionarily important 
>phenotypes through a combination of high-throughput linkage and 
>association mapping. 
>Members of the project include Ed Buckler (USDA/ARS and Cornell 
>University), John Doebley (University of Wisconsin), Brandon Gaut 
>(UC-Irvine), Major Goodman (North Carolina State University), James 
>Holland (USDA/ARS and North Carolina State University), Steve 
>Kresovich (Cornell University), Mike McMullen (USDA/ARS and 
>University of Missouri), Lincoln Stein (Cold Spring Harbor Lab) and 
>Doreen Ware (USDA/ARS and Cold Spring Harbor Lab). 
>The project manager will have diverse responsibilities related to 
>coordinating activities among the different project groups, working 
>with our informatics group, presenting project accomplishments at 
>national meetings, and reporting project results to the National 
>Science Foundation.  The project manager will also have opportunity 
>to participate in data analysis and publication.  The position is 
>available January 1, 2004, is funded for five years, and will be 
>located in Madison, Wisconsin.
>Applicants should have a Ph.D. in the  biological sciences with 
>training in either evolution, agronomy, plant biology, genetics, 
>population genetics or related area.  We specifically seek 
>individuals with some background or interest in developing expertise 
>in informatics.  Strong organizational and communication skills are 
>required.  Applications (including a cover letter, CV, publication 
>pdf files, and names, phone numbers and email addresses of three 
>references) and inquiries should be directed by email to John 
>Doebley, Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, 
>jdoebley at wisc.edu.


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