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Mon Aug 18 12:39:31 EST 2003

Postdoctoral, technician, graduate student positions- Functional Genomics

Several postdoctoral, technical, and graduate student positions will 
be available in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Lawrence soon to be 
located at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Blacksburg, VA. 
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI), a Commonwealth of Virginia 
shared resource established at Virginia Tech in July 2000, serves as 
a flagship bioinformatics research institute wedding cutting-edge 
biological research with state-of-the-art computer science.

Primarily, research in the Lawrence Lab will be focused on a recently 
funded NSF Plant Genome project aimed towards developing a model 
system for necrotrophic fungal-plant interactions using a combination 
of molecular biology, functional genomics, bioinformatics, and 
biochemistry. The main model system under investigation is the 
Alternaria brassicicola-Brassicaceae pathosystem. Other potential 
projects include the use of comparative genomics to dissect 
pathogenesis strategies of fungal species that infect both 
immune-compromised humans and plants. Overall projects will consist 
of functional analyses of pathogen and host genes, metabolic 
profiling, bioinformatic data mining, and microarray experiments. 
Training in several areas of genomics, molecular biology, and 
bioinformatics will be possible at various levels.
Job Requirements

Applicants should have a background in genetics, molecular biology, 
plant-microbe interactions, biochemistry, bioinformatics or related 
field. One position will be primarily bioinformatics-oriented. 
Applicants should have exceptional organizational and communication 
skills (written and verbal). Applicants should submit a cover letter 
describing experience, career goals, a cv, list of publications, and 
names of three references to Chris Lawrence, Dept. of Bioagricultural 
Sciences and Pest Management, Colorado State University, Fort 
Collins, CO 80523-1177; christopher.lawrence at
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