RegSite-Plant Database of Plant Regulatory Elements: Release 2

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Tue Aug 19 23:29:06 EST 2003

RegSite-Plant Database of Plant Regulatory Elements: Release 2

Softberry developed RegSite-Plant Database describing Plant regulatory
Elements and programs for searching them and promoter prediction

You can analyze your plant sequence sequence at:

Second RegSite release contains 702 entries and more descriptive fields than
including several fields on expression and some others.

TSSP - Promoter prediction program in plant genomes uses RegSite motifs with
other features.

NSITE-PL Program  searching for of plant regulatory motifs from Regsite DB.

An example of RegSite entry is given below. For list of RegSite entries, click

Regsite Plant DB:
   AC    RSP00001
   DT    19-05- 2002 IS
   OS    Spinach
   GS    rps1
   GF    nuclear gene rps1 coding for the spinach plastid ribisomal protein CS1
   SN    S1F_BS
   SD    Negative cis-element conserved in plastid-related genes and binding
         spinach leaf nuclear factor S1F
   BF    S1F, spinach leaf nuclear factor
   SA    Negative; element down-regulating the promoter activity of rps1
   SL    5'-end
   SP    -243:-226
   SB    1-box
   SC    1-comp
   SQ    agaatgttaccatgaaa
   CS    gwwwccatg
   AL    See: [1]
   PT    TATA(?)
   OR    Mature leaves
   CE    Dark-grown de-differentiated soybean suspension cells
   ES    Darkness
   EC    Transient expression in soybean cell protoplasts
   MT    Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis; DNAase I protection and Gel shift
   RE    [1]
   RS    JBC
   RL    267:23515-23519 (1992)
   RA    Zhou A-X, Li Y-F, Rocipon M, Mache E
   RT    Sequence-specific interaction between S1F, a spinach nuclear factor,
         a negative cis-element conserved in plastid-related genes
   CT    2 TSS (Pos. 351, 391); Site position in relation to TSS 2 (pos. 391)



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