Mode of action of NAM

Jagreet Kaur jagreet at
Thu Jan 9 11:53:30 EST 2003

  Dear Members,

When using NAM for negative selection by IAAH gene what is the
process that is exactly going on ? Whether IAAH is secreted out
and converts NAM to NAA. Or NAM is absorbed by the germinating
seedling and then gets converted to NAA within the plant. If so
what is the fate of the excess NAA thus produced.Whether it is
exuded in the medium or gets conjugated within the plant system.
      The question stems from the fact that when wild type plants
(IAAH absent) and transformed plants (IAAH present) are grown
separately in NAM plates phenotypes are very clear being the
elongating root and bushy root with stunted growth  respectively.
When both of  the population are mixed and plated in the same
plate we observed some cross talk is going on such that it is a
bit difficult to identify the root phenotype. We have tried
increasing the NAM concentration upto 4 doses than the recommended
but observed the same problem. Is any one of you have experienced
the same problem when using NAM alone for selection?  Is there any
way to overcome this problem? I would be grateful if any one could
give useful suggestions or any literature reference addressing
this problem.

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