Cosmid Vector

Nobody nobody at
Wed Jan 15 08:13:52 EST 2003

<x-charset koi8-r>Dear colleagues,
I would like to get the additional information about vector pCAMBIA1381Z
and pCAMBIA1391Z.
I am interested:
1) If I could use them for cloning 18-23kb DNA fragments
      in E.coli C600
                    JM110, 109
2) Which E.coli strain is better?
3) Can I use vector pCAMBIA1318Z/pCAMBIA1391Z with Agrobacterium GV3101
( pMP90RK) to transform Arabidopsis plants?
Where I can  get this vector for free?
My best regards and wishes for the New Year
Alexey Apchelimov
Dept of Genetics
Moscow State University
Moscow  119899
foxup at

=DA=A1=D5=AC=C3=89" =F7=89=C3=A1=89' =D7"=89=D5 "=DE=A1"'=C3=8A=D7=A6=AB=A6=
 =D3=A6=D7=A6=AB=A6 =C1=A6=9F=A1!!!


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