Embryogenesis and Metablomic Workshops

Liu, C.M. C.M.Liu at plant.wag-ur.nl
Thu Jan 30 11:32:32 EST 2003

Workshop announcements:

1) 	Workshop of "Embryogenes and Development Regulation in Plants"
	Date: March 6-7, 2003
	Location: Villa Gualino, Turin, Italy
	Website: http://www.fobiotech.org/embryogenesis.htm
	Registration deadline: February 28th, 2003.

2) 	Workshop of "Potential of metabolic Profiling in Plant Science"
	Date: May 29-30, 2003
	Location: Villa Gualino, Turin, Italy
	Registration deadline: May 20th, 2003.

Please visit the websites for more information.

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