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Wed Jun 4 08:07:26 EST 2003

1 Postdoctoral Research Associate &
1 Graduate Student=85

=85invited for joining the Wood Development Group
Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory
Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki

We are investigating the molecular basis of vascular
development and its diversity. We have started to
search for Arabidopsis mutants with an altered cellular
organization of procambium. The gene corresponding to
a wooden leg (wol) mutant codes for a true cytokinin
receptor (M=E4h=F6nen et al. Genes Dev 14: 2938; Inoue et
al. Nature 409:1060). We have also identified several
new mutants potentially informative for procambial
development (see our www page).

Consequently, we want to investigate whether the
molecular components identified in Arabidopsis likewise
regulate development of  the vascular cambium of a
tree. As a support for this hypothesis, we have recently
identified CRE1/WOL-like genes that are active in the
cambial zone of a birch tree (Betula pendula).
=46urthermore, as a domestic collaboration our group has
EST sequenced more than 10 000 birch genes active in
the cambial zone.

In order to further characterize the Arabidopsis mutants
and their corresponding genes and functions more
deeply, as well as to analyze the various birch genes
using functional genomics approaches we are looking
for two scientists to join our team. These positions
will be filled for a minimum of two years at the earliest
from 1st of October 2003 and at the latest 1st of March
2004. The salary is between 1700 and 2500
Euros/month depending on qualifications and previous
experience. Applications are considered beginning June
2003 and are taken until a suitable candidate is found.

To apply, please contact me either by email, mail or

Dr. Yk=E4 Helariutta, Plant Molecular Biology Lab, Institute
of Biotechnology, POB 56
=46IN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
More information from,
by email: yhelariu at or by phone 09-
19159422 Yk=E4 Helariutta, Ph.D., Group Leader
Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory
Institute of Biotechnology
POB 56
=46IN-00014 University of Helsinki
tel: INT+358-9-19159422
fax: INT+358-9-19159366
email: yhelariu at


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