BAC clones from four species available from ABRC

Randy Scholl scholl.1 at
Wed Jun 4 10:02:39 EST 2003

Four BAC libraries from species closely related to Arabidopsis
thaliana have been donated to ABRC. These libraries were generated by
Daphne Preuss and Anne Hall at the University of Chicago and Robert
Bogden, Amy Mraz and Quanzhou Tao at Amplicon Express.  Library and
clone data have been loaded into the TAIR database.

The species from which the libraries were constructed are Arabidopsis
arenosa, Capsella rubella, Olimarabidopsis pumila and Sisymbrium
irio. All of the libraries were generated from DNA partially digested
with MboI and are cloned in the pECBAC1 vector. The number clones
included in the libraries range from 15,266 to 27,402.

ABRC is pleased announce that we now distribute the individual clones
of these collections. Colony blot filters and entire libraries are
available from Amplicon Express Inc. The ranges of stock numbers for
the four sets of clones are:

AER1A1 - AER56P24
CR1A1 - CR40P24
OPM1A1 - OPM56P24
SIR1A1 - SIR72P24



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