siliencing mulitiple genes by RNAi

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Mon Jun 9 11:47:42 EST 2003

<x-flowed> From my reading of the literature, I think it should be possible
provided there is sufficient sequence identity among the genes.  The
figure 85% sticks out in my mind for plants, although I don't recall
which paper I got that from (perhaps from something from Peter
Waterhouse's lab).

Depending on how much similarity there is between the genes, you
might feel more or less confident about taking a "one construct"
approach.  If the similarity among genes were >90%, I'd be tempted to
just make one construct.  Less than that I might hedge my bets with
multiple constructs.  But first I'd scour the literature a bit more--
I think the data is out there.

Good luck.


>Has anyone any experience of silencing multiple genes with the same
>construct? Can it be done for 3 genes, or will I have to make three
>separate knockouts and cross them?


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