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Mon Jun 16 15:56:25 EST 2003

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Albany, CA United States
Specialties: ES - Environmental/Stress Physiology,MB - Molecular 
Biology/Gene Regulation,ME - Metabolism
Application Instructions: This position is restricted to US citizens 
and permanent US residents because the ARS is currently unable to 
sponsor H-1B and TN visas. Starting date is October 1, 2003 or later. 
The application must consist of: (1) an application letter outlining 
your interests, qualifications, and reasons for applying; (2) a 
curriculum vitae; (3) three references (with address, telephone 
number and email). Please send or email (with subject heading of 
=ECpostdoc job=EE) this information to Dr. Christian M. Tobias (email: 
ctobias at; fax: 510-559-5818), USDA, ARS Western Regional 
Research Center, Genomics and Gene Discovery Unit, 800 Buchanan St., 
Albany, CA 94710. The USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and 

Job Contact Email: ctobias at
Job Type: Postdoctoral
=46ull Description:
Postdoctoral research associate (GS 9-11) This position involves 
research aimed at improving the conversion of agricultural 
commodities to biofuel with a focus on the manipulation of starch 
biosynthesis and utilization in wheat.  Specific goals will include 
the transformation of wheat with genes encoding enzymes and 
regulatory molecules involved in starch metabolism. The impact on 
quality, global patterns of gene expression, starch granule size and 
composition in the mature and developing amyloplast will be assessed. 
The information gained will contribute to efforts to increase starch 
production, modify starch properties and understand the effects of 
environment on starch biosynthesis and starch properties in wheat. 
The incumbent should have excellent oral and written abilities to 
efficiently communicate scientific findings.  Knowledge of molecular 
biology, organelle isolation, and starch metabolism is desirable.

Christian M. Tobias, Ph.D.
Research Molecular Biologist
Genomics and Gene Discovery Unit
800 Buchanan St.
Albany CA 94710
ph: 510-559-6172

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