ISPMB Satellite Symposium on "Cereal Inflorescence Development"

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Tue Jun 17 14:12:52 EST 2003

=46or those attending the ISPMB conference in Barcelona, Spain, I would 
like to bring your attention to a Satellite Symposium on "Molecular 
Genetics of Cereal Inflorescence Development". The website is .

The satellite symposium is scheduled for 2:30-4:30 pm immediately 
following the start of  registration on the first day of the ISPMB 
symposia scheduled on Monday (23 June, 2003). The Satellite Symposium 
will be held in room 6 at the Conference Center (but please check 
again for any room changes).

The speakers (*) and titles are as follows:

Sarah Hake*, George Chuck, Estaban Bortori, Paula McSteen & Tracy 
Yamawaki: "Regulation of spikelet and spikelet-pair meristem identity"

Junko Kyouko*, Keishi Komatsu, Masahiko Maekawa, Shin Ujiie, Yuzuki 
Satake,  Ikuyo Furutani, Hironobu Okamoto, & Ko Shimamoto: "LAX: a 
major regulator of shoot branching in rice"

Wes Bruce*, Lisa Newman, Suling Zhao, Robert Meeley, Hajime Sakai & 
Mike Muszynski: "Maize CLAVATA3-functional ortholog"

Kirsten Bomblies*, Robert Meeley, Tim Helentjaris & John Doebly: 
"Quantitative effects of duplicate FLORICAULA/LEAFY homologs on 
inflorescence structure in maize"

Christophe Reazeau*, Yves Hatzfeld, Valerie Frankard, Anabel Sanz, 
Philippe Herv=E9, Pierre Lejeune, Willy Dillen, Wim Van Camp, Rindert 
Peerbolte, Willem Broekaert: "Use of comparative analysis of 
inflorescence development for crop improvement"

All who have registered for the ISPMB conference are welcome to 
attend this Satellite Symposium.

Thank you.


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