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Tue Jun 24 08:16:15 EST 2003

Position available at G=96teborg University as<br>
Assistant Professor in Molecular Plant Cell Biology<br><br>
The Botanical Institute, G=96teborg University, invites applications for an
Assistant Professor (Swedish: Forskarassistent) in plant molecular
biology available in early 2004. The successful applicant will join the
newly established Plant Molecular Biology unit lead by Professor Adrian
K. Clarke. Research interests within the unit already include molecular
chaperones and proteases in Arabidopsis and cyanobacteria, and programmed
cell death in plants. The Botanical Institute also includes three other
research units - Plant Physiology, Plant Systematics and Plant Ecology.
The Botanical Institute also has well established links to other plant
related groups at the Department of Cell and Molecular biology at the
University who study developmental biology in Arabidopsis, mechanisms of
cold hardiness in oat and regulation of plant photomorphogenesis. We are
seeking a dynamic individual to set up an innovative, competitively
funded research program that addresses fundamental questions in plant
physiology, molecular biology, genetics or biochemistry. The applicant
should have a Ph.D. in botany, biochemistry, genetics, or a related
field, with experience applying molecular and/or biochemical techniques
to research questions. Preference will be given to individuals with
postdoctoral research experience, and expertise with model plant systems.
Participation in the teaching program at the Botanical Institute will
also be expected. <br><br>
The Assistant Professorship is for two years, with the possibility of
extension for a further two years. Applications in English are due by
July 31, 2003, or until a suitable candidate is identified. Interested
persons should send a curriculum vitae (including publication list),
statements of research and teaching interests (max. 5 pages), letters of
recommendation (max. 3), and reprints of relevant scientific articles
(max. 3). All documents and articles should be submitted in three
identical bundles, each constituting a complete application. <br><br>
=46or more detailed information about the Botanical Institute and the
available position, please contact Professor Adrian K. Clarke. Phone: +46
31 7732502, Fax: +46 31 7732626, E-mail: Adrian.Clarke at
The complete application packaged as specified should be sent to The
Registrar, G=96teborg University, Box 100, SE-405 30 G=96teborg, Sweden,
stating reference number E333 2029/03, addressed to the Dean, Faculty of
Science no later than 31 July 2003.<br><br>
Union representative: SACO Jan Berggren, tel +46 31-773 1078, SEKO
Lennart Olsson, tel +46 31-773 1173, OFR-S Eeva Nisshagen, tel +46 31-773
Professor Adrian K. Clarke<br><br>
</i>Plant Molecular Biology <br>
Botanical Institute <br>
Gothenburg University<br>
Box 461<br>
405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden<br>
Tel: +46 31 7732502<br>
=46ax: +46 31 7732626<br>
Email: Adrian.Clarke at <br><br>
Botaniska Institutionen<br>
G=96teborgs Universitet<br>
Box 461<br>
405 30 G=96teborg<br>


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