Gateway RNAi survey

Ricky Boernke ricky_boernke at
Fri Jun 27 04:53:20 EST 2003

Dear collegues,

Invitrogen's Gateway cloning system has become quite fancy lately and
it seems
to faciltitate cloning substantially especially when it is coming to
RNAi constructs.
We are using the Gateway RNAi vectors from the Inze lab and have done
a couple
of constructs so far which are currently under transformation.
However, when you
ask around about other peoples experience concerning Gateway and RNAi
then it
seems as there are none. Moreover, there are rumors that it doesn't
actually work.
Several people have told me that they have heard from other people
about problems
with the system but nobody really knows. So we would like to know
whether you
have used Gateway RNAi vectors from whatever lab and what your
experiences were?
What is simple cloning worth if the plants do not what they are
supposed to?
Any input is welcome.

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