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Postdoc: Speciation in Arabidopsis Relatives

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Wed Mar 5 12:10:09 EST 2003

>Speciation in Arabidopsis Relatives: A postdoctoral fellowship or research
scientist position is available to study evolutionary genetics of
speciation among Arabidopsis species. Experience in evolutionary genetics
is desirable. The institute is international in character, with English the
daily scientific language. Applications are invited from both German and
non-German nationals. For more information see
www.ice.mpg.de/departments/Gen/.  Please send CV, statement of research
interests, addresses and phone numbers of three references to Thomas
Mitchell-Olds; Dept of Genetics and Evolution; Max Planck Institute of
Chemical Ecology; Winzerlaer Str. 10; 07745 Jena, Germany; Phone:
+49-3641-571400; tmo at ice.mpg.de.  Review of applications will begin 7
April, 2003.

Why consider ICE?

Industrial strength support for your research

Academic freedom to pursue the most exciting questions

Great colleagues - close collaborators in molecular ecology and evolution,
genetics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, and genomics.

Our researchers get jobs: faculty positions at University of
California-Davis, University of British Columbia, Washington State
University, Oregon State University, Purdue University, University of
Idaho, California Polytechnical University, U.S. National Science
=46oundation, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), University of
Dortmund, University of Heidelberg, University of Kiel, University for
Agricultural Science - Vienna; Laboratoire IFREMER de Genetique et
Pathologie, permanent research positions with Novartis, Agrevo, Lynx
Therapeutics, Medical Research Council, Genesis Research and Development,
Shentai Genomics, etc.

Visit Munich, Prague, Venice, London, or the Alps for the weekend - without

See for yourself: after interviewing in our institute, 100% of scientific
candidates have accepted our postdoctoral fellowships.

Selected Recent Publications:


Clauss, M. J. and T. Mitchell-Olds. 2003. Population genetics of tandem
trypsin inhibitor genes in two Arabidopsis species with contrasting ecology
and life history. Molec. Ecol., in press.

Koch, M.A., C. Dobes, and T. Mitchell-Olds. 2003. Multiple hybrid formation
in natural populations: Concerted evolution of the internal transcribed
spacer of nuclear ribosomal DNA (ITS) in North American Arabis divaricarpa
(Brassicaceae). Mol. Biol. Evol., in press.

McKay, J.K., J.H. Richards and T. Mitchell-Olds. 2003. Genetics of drought
adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana: I.  Pleiotropy contributes to genetic
correlations among ecological traits.  Molec. Ecol., in press.

Schmid K. J., T.R. Sorensen, R. Stracke, T. Altmann, T. Mitchell-Olds and
B. Weisshaar. 2003. Large-scale genome-wide survey of single-nucleotide
polymorphisms for mapping in Arabidopsis thaliana. Genome Research, in press=

Ramos-Onsins, S.E., B. E. Stranger, T. Mitchell-Olds, and M. Aguade. 2003.
Multilocus analysis of variation and speciation in the closely related
species Arabidopsis halleri and A. lyrata.  Genetics, in review.


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microsatellite markers for elucidating differences in population genetic
structure in Arabidopsis and Arabis (Brassicaeae). Molecular
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the Fast Lane to Functional Genomics. Briefings in Bioinformatics 2000.
1/4: 381-388.



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