cosuppression in cycB1:GUS lines?

Chunxin Wang cxwang at
Mon Nov 3 10:23:18 EST 2003

Dear Colleagues,

I'm using cycB1:GUS transgenic lines from Dr. Peter Doerner for analysis of
cell cycle defects in my mutants. The GUS reporter lines showed a nice
staining pattern in roots and seedlings. However, I couldn't be able to
see any staining in flowers and inflorescence meristems. Very rarely, I
can observe some weak staining in petals. But after cross this line with
my mutant, I now observe intense staining in the mutant flowers and

Recently, one colleague pointed it out to me that she did observe GUS
staining in the same cycB1:GUS line requested from Dr. Peter Doerner. She
suspected the cycB1:GUS line in my hand somehow has some cosuppression
specifically in flower tissues.

I'm aware of a lot of people there using Peter's cycB1:GUS lines. I'm
wondering if any of you has also observed staining in flower tissues in
your hand. Could you kindly send me some seeds of your cycB1:GUS lines?
Peter told me they never stained flower tissues before. Where is this
tissue specific cosuppression coming from?




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