Advanced Computational Genomics Course

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.UManitoba.CA
Fri Nov 14 15:33:44 EST 2003

Genome Canada
Applied Computational Genomics Course (ACGC)
November 29th - December 7th, 2003
Toronto, Ontario


Bioinformatics for Genome-scale projects as well as bioinformatics in the
post-genomic era are both characterized by the need to analyze more than one
sequence at a time and run analyses more than once. While many Web-based tools
are available to the wet-lab researcher, the Web is not well suited for tasks
beyond single-sequence annotation. Researchers need to become productive in a
UNIX-based environment with its wealth of scripting and automation tools. Even
at an entry-level, this can be an intimidating task if proper guidance is not

Within the Genome Canada Bioinformatics Platform we are working to empower
researchers by teaching a hands-on course, outlining tried-and-proven
approaches as well as new developments, with a lecture component by a
panel of experts, and an integrated assignment component,
to develop practical skills.

Topics include:

o  Strategies to address the challenge of post-genome computation and
    available resources/services
o  How to write scripts to automate use of sequence annotation tools
    and resources
o  How biological concepts are phrased in computational models and how such
    models can be made operational in a database
o  Analyzing a gene in its biological context and retrieving lists of
    functionally related genes, i.e. interactors or co-regulated genes
o  Retrieving datasets from public databases based on lists of functionally
    related genes
o  Strategies to discover correlations in biological data
o  Visualization of results in the context of the genome and translation into
    new hypotheses for experimental enquiry

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