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Tue Oct 21 20:42:55 EST 2003

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Postdoctoral Fellowship in CSIRO-Plant 
Industry, Brisbane,
Queensland-Australia (Plant-Microbe Interactions)

A post-doctoral fellowship position is available in CSIRO-Plant Industry,
Brisbane Australia in the area of Plant-Microbe interactions. Recent
research in our lab has identified candidate regulatory genes that modulate
defence responses in the model plant Arabidopsis. Manipulation of one of
these genes, encoding a basic helix loop helix type transcription factor,
significantly enhances the host resistance against Fusarium oxysporum, a
root infecting pathogen of Arabidopsis. The proposed project will be
building upon these previous findings with an overall aim of uncovering the
mechanism(s) by which this candidate gene confers Fusarium resistance. The
experimental strategy will include a) identification of other host proteins
that interact with the protein encoded by the candidate gene, b) analysis of
genome-scale gene expression patterns in the plants over- or
under-expressing the candidate gene, and c) manipulation of additional
components of host-resistance and testing the effects of these modifications
on Fusarium resistance. Potential avenues for application of this knowledge
to crop plants will be subsequently explored. A Ph.D. in plant molecular
genetics, or a related discipline is required. The position is available for
a period of three years and is subject to satisfactory performance. The
salary will be in the range of AU$55 000 -AU$61 000.

The CSIRO Plant Industry laboratory is located at the recently completed
Queensland Bioscience Precinct
<> (in the University
of Queensland campus), which is the single largest biotechnology research
complex in Australia. Located in the Pacific coast of Australia, the city of
Brisbane <> is a lively, cosmopolitan city with a
pleasant subtropical climate throughout the year.

To apply, please send by November 3, 2003 a letter of interest, curriculum
vitae and the names and contact details of three references to

Applications or further enquiries about the position should be directed to:
Dr. John Manners or Dr. Kemal Kazan,
CSIRO-Plant Industry, Queensland Bioscience Precinct, 306 Carmody Road, St.
Lucia, Brisbane, 4069, Queensland, Australia

Dr. John Manners (Tel: 61-7-3214-2304, fax: 61-7-3214-2920, email:
John.Manners at <mailto:John.Manners at>)
Dr. Kemal Kazan (Tel:61-7-3214-2678, fax: 61-7-3214-2950, email:
Kemal.Kazan at <mailto:Kemal.Kazan at>



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