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Fri Oct 24 16:35:32 EST 2003

I am planning to teach an undergraduate Genetics course next spring 
in the Department of Biological Sciences, but it is the first time 
for me to develop such a course, so if any of you can give me some 
suggestions, I will greatly appreciate. It is designed as a 2 hr 
lecture and 4 hr lab course. This general/introductory genetics 
course covers chromosome, simple Mendalian inheritance and a little 
bit on molecular genetics. Most of students take this course for the 
purpose of going to Med schools, instead of pursuing plant research. 
However, I would like to include Arabidopsis genetic experiments for 
the lab. This should give the metropolitan students a real chance of 
learning plants. I personally feel manipulation of plants is easier 
than flies in the classroom. Which mutants are the appropriate, such 
as floral organ identity or hormone response mutants? Any suggestions 
regarding the textbook and the lab will be highly appreciated.  Also, 
I am looking for a genetics textbook that might also be useful for 
the senior undergraduate/graduate level Advanced Genetics course. I 
plan to introduce non-Mendalian inheritance and molecular genetics. 
Such a dual-purpose textbook should come with questions and a lab 
manual. Thus students can save some bucks since nowadays they have to 
pay MORE for their education. Thanks a lot for your time and help.

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