6xHis-tagged gfp

Russ Feirer Russ.Feirer at snc.edu
Mon Sep 15 08:48:44 EST 2003


I teach cell biology at St Norbert College, a small,
undergraduate college in WI.  A lab that I would like to try in
that class is the affinity purification of a protein followed by
SDS-PAGE to have the students examine the pre- and
post-purification proteins.  Since  the students have already
seen gfp in a lower-level class (E coli transformations), I'd
like to have them use gfp again.

My request to the group is this....does anyone have/able to share
a plasmid that would express a 6xHis-GFP fusion protein in E
coli?  Better yet (and the reason that I query the Arabidopsis
group), does anyone have an Arabidopsis line the is expressing
this fusion protein?  (This would allow me to get plants in front
of the students at least one more time!)

Thanks in advance,


Russ Feirer
Assoc. Professor of Biology
St. Norbert College
De Pere, WI  54115

(920) 403-3187
russ.feirer at snc.edu

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