Plant Physiology Arabidopsis Special Issue 2004

Robert Last robertllast at
Wed Sep 17 17:59:02 EST 2003

Plant Physiology Announces an
- June 2004 -

Plant Physiology is planning the fifth special issue devoted to 
Arabidopsis in June 2004. All excellent papers covering Arabidopsis 
research will be considered, however the special emphasis of this 
issue will be on the successful transfer of knowledge gleaned from 
the study of Arabidopsis to research in other plants or other 
multicellular organisms.

Authors interested in contributing to this special issue should 
indicate this in the cover letter when submitting papers online at 
Manuscripts to be considered for the special issue should be 
submitted no later than January 30, 2004. For additional information, 
please contact Associate Editors Bonnie Bartel 
(<mailto:bartel at>bartel at or Rob Last 
(<mailto:robertllast at>robertllast at

Updated information about the special issue will be posted to 
ons/plantphys/ as it becomes available.

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