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Thu Sep 25 09:12:51 EST 2003

University of Missouri - Columbia

A Postdoctoral position in Functional Genomics is currently available 
to study the NPH3/RPT2 gene family in Arabidopsis.  This project 
seeks 1) to determine the spatial and temporal protein expression 
profiles for each of the 32 members of the family, 2) to generate 
both loss- and gain-of-function alleles for each of the members of 
the family, and 3) to determine biological functions for each of the 
members.  The founding members of this novel plant-specific protein 
family are NPH3 and RPT2, two proteins shown by forward genetics to 
be involved in phototropic signaling (Motchoulski and Liscum, 1999, 
Science 286: 961-964; Sakai et al., 2000, Plant Cell 12: 225-236). 
It has been hypothesized that members of the NPH3/RPT2 family 
function as molecular scaffolds to bring together/activate components 
of multimolecular signaling complexes involved in a variety of 
abiotic and biotic responses (Liscum, 2002, The Arabidopsis Book, and these studies 
are aimed at testing this hypothesis in a broad sense.  This project 
is funded as part of NSF's Arabidopsis 2010 Project.

Interested candidates should have a PhD in Plant Biology, Molecular 
Biology, Biochemistry or related area.  Experience with Arabidopsis 
and/or functional genomics is certainly a BIG plus.  Qualified and 
serious candidates should send their C.V. and names/email addresses 
of three references via email or "snail mail" to Mannie Liscum @:

liscume at


105 Tucker Hall
Division of Biological Sciences
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

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