RIKEN GSC transposon-tagged lines

Masatomo Kobayashi kobayasi at mailbox.rtc.riken.jp
Sun Apr 18 23:47:20 EST 2004

Dear plant researchers,

As several colleagues have sent us questions on the RIKEN GSC 
transposon-tagged lines, I would like to send following information 
on this resource to the world community.

1. Currently, 1,124 lines reported by Ito et al. (Plant Physiol., 
2002) are available form RIKEN BRC.
2. The lines reported by Kuromori et al. (Plant J., 2004) are under 
multiplication in RIKEN BRC. Several thousands of the lines will be 
open for distribution within the next few weeks. We will make an 
announcement at that time.
3. Please search our catalogue before you enter into our ordering 
system. When you cannot find the line that you are interested, the 
line is currently unavailable.
4. When you make your order, do not use the line number named by 
RIKEN GSC (ex. Ds 54-0232-1). Please use the resource number on our 
catalogue (ex. pst00001).
5. This resource is categorized to genetically modified organisms. 
For ordering such materials, the applicants must obtain all of the 
permission required by any kind of regulation or law before ordering.
6. It is recipient's responsibility to perform customs procedure for 
importation of biological materials. Please inform us when you need 
quarantine certification to import Arabidopsis seeds. Without 
providing such information, RIKEN BRC cannot guarantee any loss or 
damage of the materials that is caused during customs procedure.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Masatomo Kobayashi

Dr. Masatomo Kobayashi
Head of Experimental Plant Division,
BioResource Center, RIKEN Tsukuba Institute

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